Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Since my diagnosis of breast cancer ten years ago, I have been able to participate in seven out of the ten. This is such an awesome event...seeing all those wonderful women coming together for this most important cause! There is nothing like walking over the Broadway bridge and looking over to the Main Street bridge and seeing all the thousands of people walking together. The last race before Jennifer passed away, we walked together...we were in the last group of about ten people to finish, but finish we did! She was always there with me...even when I know she didn't feel like walking at all! It is such a very emotional time...seeing people with signs on their backs, saying they are walking in memory of their Mom, Aunt, Grandmother, Sister, Daughter or Friend...brings tears to my eyes each time....but again, it is wonderful seeing people walk in honor of their loved ones who are surviving this disease....that is what this race is all about!

I was diagnosed on July 29, 1999. I can remember going into the Race for the Cure shop that year. I was so excited to sign up for the race. I can remember telling the lady that I didn't know if I qualified as a survivor or not, because I had just been diagnosed. I asked her when you were qualified as a survivor...she smiled and told me the minute that you are diagnosed, you are a survivor!

Yesterday, I talked to a dear, sweet friend of mine that is now in treatment for her breast cancer. We talked awhile and then she said she was thinking about trying to walk in the race....she had my same question that I had ten years ago...about when are you considered a survivor! I told her that she IS a survivor. So if anyone out there who has breast cancer or who has just been ARE a SURVIVOR! The minute you receive this diagnosis, you are a SURVIVOR! Cancer is a horrible disease, but I truly feel that I am a better person because of it....I know for sure that it makes you appreciate the little things in life and not worry so much about the things that don't or shouldn't matter.

I want be able to walk in the race this year, because of my back and leg. This is one race that I was truly looking forward to because of my ten year anniversary....but I will be there as a Pajama virtual walker for sure....guess that won't be too bad....since I am a "Pajama Mama" huh?

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Denise Felton said...

Oh, no you don't, girlfriend. Team Debbie is getting you out there if we have to tie you to a bicycle and roll you across the finish line! *hugging you*