Saturday, September 26, 2009


I have been so blessed this week. My precious great niece, Breanna, has spent the week with me. She is only four years old, soon to be five in a few days. She is the sweetest little girl ever. She is such good company for me and is so helping me pass the time until my surgery. She is a great card making companion. She does so well and never gets bored with it...of course, there is one stipulation...she almost always only wants to use Papertrey Ink stamps!

Our church is feeding the homeless this month on Sunday mornings. As part of City Fest, we are having "Undy Sunday" tomorrow. We were asked to bring underwear and socks for the homeless to church tomorrow morning and they will be given out. I explained to Breanna what this is for and ever since, she just keeps talking about it and asking questions. She keeps saying they don't even have cars, phones, televisions, toys etc. I tell her that is why we need to help people and to give thanks every night when we say our prayers. She asked me where the people lived, and I told her that alot of people have to live under the bridge and only have boxes for shelter. She immediately said that she wanted to make them some cards. I told her that they didn't have a mailbox....but she said that she bet the mailman could find precious! On one of her visits earlier in the summer, I told her how the mail got in her mailbox...she thought that when there was a card in her mailbox from me, that I had driven to her house and put it there!

When I was a child, my Mother always said the "Now, I Lay Me Down to Sleep" prayer with us before we went to sleep at night. I started saying this prayer with Breanna each time she is here. When we get to the part that says "If I should die, before I wake", she always asks if we are going to die. In all the many years that I said that prayer, I don't think I ever thought about that once. She is so smart. Last night after saying the prayer, when we were asking God to bless our family and friends, she said "don't forget to bless the people under the bridge"! She is such a little angel and such a blessing to have around!

Another funny thing that happened this week is that she had a little cough. I told her that when she coughs, she needs to cough in her arm instead of her hand. Now each time she coughs, she says "I coughed in my arm, not in my I want get my yucky germs everywhere."

She can't pronounce the word Jennifer very comes out something like Jeninifur. Sometimes she talks about Jennifer as "the girl that used to live here or the girl whose picture is all over the house". I told her how much that I missed Jennifer and that I wish that she could remember her because she was such a sweet person. She said that she knew that I missed "Jeninifur" and that if I had died when she died, then I wouldn't be missing her. I told her that she was right.....but that I am happy that I will see her again one day in Heaven...she said "yes, and I will too". Children are sooooo precious!


Sandy Carson said...

She sounds just precious!!!

Lisa_in_AR said...

What a sweetie!

Stacie Hoo said...

I'm glad you had a great time with her and she was good company. I'm sure these will be precious memories for her later, too. I remember spending time with my great grandmother at that age and how special it is to me now.