Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I feel so blessed to be a part of another great Bible Study by Beth Moore! She is such an inspiration to me. These Bible Studies bring back wonderful memories of when Jennifer and I did them together. Jennifer loved them as much as I did and said many times that she could listen to Beth Moore 24/7! This study is on Esther and it is absolutely wonderful! My long time cherished friend, Missy, is going with me. I knew that she would love it and she does. An added bonus is that I get to see her every week....she is always in my heart and on my mind, but being able to be with her is awesome. My niece, Karen, is also going and she is loving it....she is trying to recruit a couple of her friends to come. Last night, Edwina came and there was no doubt that she would love it and be happy that she came and she was!

When you are stuck at home not being able to do the things you want to do, it is easy to fall in a self-pity state. You get so tired of waiting to get better! I think Edwina was feeling this way too...having been in the house recovering from her surgery. She is doing very well physically, now she will have a renewed spirit thanks to Beth Moore! I am very grateful that I have a date set to start my road to recovery. I will admit that I am a little anxious about it...I don't like having surgery (not that anyone does) and would love to just skip that step in the process of being pain free! Some things just can't be avoided and this is one of them. I am getting alot of strength in preparation for the surgery from Jennifer. Bless her heart....when I think back on all the things she went through...accepting each one without complaining ever!....I think that I can handle getting a new hip! I am very grateful that God led me to a doctor that does this amazing surgery in a more non invasive way too! He is in control!

Wish that everyone I know could do a Beth Moore Bible Study with me. You just have such a good feeling and a stronger desire to have a closer walk with God when you study God's word with her....she is amazing! I can hardly wait until next Monday night!

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