Friday, October 2, 2009


This will be a busy weekend...which I am grateful for. I am counting the days until I get my new hip....25 more days! I will be so glad to get this over with and be out of this pain and be able to do something!

Tomorrow is World Card Making Day...we are getting together at Kimberly's to make cards....Lisa, Edwina, Pig(by web cam) and me! I am very happy that Edwina is joining us...she is recovering from her spinal fusion and has been stuck in the house too long too! Card making is very good therapy!

On Sunday, I will go to church, which always makes me feel better...then to Leigh's house for a stamping party.

On Monday, I go to Dr.Curtner, then to Dr. Sneed for my oncology appointment...then to Bible Study! This weekend will help pass the time. I am still anxious about having surgery, but have resolved myself to do it and am so grateful that I found Dr. Hefley!

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