Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Yesterday was such a good day...busy, but good! I went to my primary care doctor for a follow up appointment and blood work....then I had lunch with Charlotte. Next was my appointment with my oncologist....waiting for lab results there, which is always a little nerve wrecking...but again, it is out of my control and in God's control. Next I had a wonderful visit with my long time friend, Mica! We had not seen each other in about nine years!!! Could not believe the changes that have occured in our lives....hope that we don't let much time lapse before we see each other again....Mica is such a sweet and strong person...yesterday made me realize just how much I have missed her friendship! I ended the day with an awesome Bible Study with Beth Moore and Edwina...couldn't ask for a much better ending to a great day!

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lsproles said...

deb i just read your blog and yes god does bless us / we wonder way we are blessed the way we are/ away wanted a sister..got two brothers.
when are you going to be able to leave the apartment? let me know and maybe i can meet with you and kim for a short short visit..do not need to wear you down...oh wait a minute i am talking about deb..she would only be down for about one or two minutes before she would be ok love mica