Monday, October 26, 2009


I can hardly believe that it is almost here...HIP HIP HOORAY! It seems like I have been waiting forever for this day...tomorrow! I will get my new hip and finally be on my way to start living again....and back to work. I miss my patients and co workers so much...ACH really is my second family!

I am making my list and checking it twice and ready to start packing. Hopefully this time next week, I will be feeling much better.

Sisters are the best and most precious gift your parents can ever give parents sure gave me the perfect gift with my sister, Kimberly. I will be going to her house during my first days of recovery. As much as I would rather be at home, I know that since my hubby is working nights, this will be the best place. She has arranged to be able to work at home so that I won't be staying alone while I am learning to get around without bending my leg. Like I have said before, it will be like living in a scrapbook store. She will not be working this first week, so we should be able to get alot of cards and projects done! She is the one that got me into this paper crafting madness and she is my inspiration! I wish everyone could see the exploding box she made for me with the pictures from my ten year breast cancer anniversary party....truly amazing, just as she is! It will be good spending time with her....she is the greatest!

Better get to packing.....good bye old hip...hello new and improved hip!


casserole said...

Will be keeping you in my prayers!

Stacie Hoo said...

Sending love, hugs, and prayers your way Deb! Wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery.
Love ya!