Tuesday, February 9, 2010


What a surprise to wake up to snow...after it had been taken out of the forecast....as the morning progressed, the snowflakes got bigger and more beautiful! It just looked so pure, quiet and peaceful.

Bill and Judy are here visiting us from Illinois...thinking they were getting away from their winter weather for a bit....I had told them that it would probably be in the 50's here during their visit. Although snow is a very common thing for them, Judy said that it is sooooo cold in Bloomington that they don't get large snowflakes like this. I am sure they would never admit it, but I think that they enjoyed the beauty of an Arkansas snow. They were pretty amazed with the schools and such shutting down, but as I explained, we are not prepared to deal with these conditions as they are.

It didn't get as cold as predicted last night, so the roads should be okay to get out for a bit....at least until it does start dropping and re freezing later today. I need to go out and get my lab work done and I think Judy wants to go shopping for scrapbooking supplies. We didn't do any scrapbooking yesterday....sort of a lazy day...but I am ready to get started on her cruise book. I am sure looking at the pictures of her precious grandchildren will bring me joy! They are so blessed...they have 10 grandchildren now....8 girls and 2 boys! I am so proud and I must say...a little envious...what a blessing! How I wished that we lived closer to them....but at least I can keep in touch through the mail and facebook! Hopefully, they will get to come for a visit soon! Since Grandma and Grandpa are now retired, maybe we will be able to see them more often...and of course, this summer "Camp Debbie" will be open for anyone who wants to come...We had such a great time last summer when Amber and Lexie stayed for a week at "Camp Debbie"! Lots of wonderful memories that will last a life time!

Hoping everyone stays warm and enjoys the beautiful snow! Be careful if you get out, and stay safe!

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Janna said...

It's nice to read you blog and be able to catch up with how you have been doing. I hope you don't have any more "cuttle bug head" from your chemo. I'm glad your body seems to be tolerating it well. You and Pete and Kimberly are in my prayers as you all go through this fight together. {{{Hugs}}}