Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I completed Round #4 of chemo on is amazing how fast the three weeks go by between treatments....feel like I am traveling down the road pretty fast! Dr. Sneed says that if my cancer markers go down..which I am praying they will...I will have two more treatments and then another PET scan to see where we are! Knowing that God is in control and putting my Faith in Him, I will be anxious to have this PET scan and not dread it like I have in the past!

I havc been pretty tired lately....asked Dr. Sneed about taking Ritalin like I did ten years ago, but this is not an option because of my atrial fibrilation! Will just have to take vitamins and rest....just finished my three days of steroids, so that will help too! On facebook today, my "Message from God" this morning was telling me that tonight I will have a good night's sleep...seems like all the messages I receive from Him, are just the ones that I need that day...He is so awesome!

I am so enjoying having Princess Breanna here visiting...such an angel! I truly enjoy her company...she is the sweetest ever....I already know how much I will miss her when she starts to school next fall....trying to store up some Breanna time now....she told me that she will have to come over on her days off! Hopefully, I will still be able to take her to church with me on Sundays and have some time with her then! She loves going to church!

Working on the "Jennifer Projects" for the kids at the hospital and have started to work on my project in honor of Jennifer's Birthday...oh how I miss her! Can hardly believe she has been gone for almost four years now. I miss her each and every minute of everyday! I am just so grateful for all the wonderful memories that I have of her and knowing in my heart that she is happy and healthy now....and most of all, the assurance that I will see her again!

We had another wonderful Ya Ya day at Kimberly's last Sunday...Kimberly, Missy, Lisa, Breanna and me...another fabulous meal by Kimberly and awesome Key Lime Pie from Missy! I cherish these times together being with friends and crafting together....perfect therapy! It is just like having a bonus dose of medicine each week! These times are so inspiring and at only age five years old, Princess Breanna has already become an avid crafter and card maker and wants to try all the new techniques that we do....she is really good too! Looking forward to another Ya Ya day this Sunday after another good service at church!

Last Tuesday, I went for my follow up hip replacement appointment...I was a little worried that the chemo might have been causing some problems, because I was having some pain in my leg and in my incision site. I was assured that my x-ray was good and there was nothing used like the cement in my surgery that the chemo would cause problems with. I do have swelling in that leg..but hey, it's on the right side of my body..I have always said that I needed a right side body transplant LOL! That seems to be where all my problems are. He said that possibly I could have some bursitis...but I don't have to go back to them until the anniversary of my surgery in October! YAY!! One less doctor appointment!

Again, I want to thank everyone soooo much for all your love, encouragement, prayers and gifts!
Thank you Lisa for all the wonderful cards, encouragement and postage stamps; Mandy for keeping me such a wonderful wardrobe of hats; Missy for the most awesome picture of the girl with her "Fighting Gloves" on, the wonderful pink snuggie that I have on right now, and the great book "BOOBS"!; Edwina for the adorable hats; Kimberly for all the wonderful meals, the continuous craft supplies! Most of all I want to thank all of my friends for all the wonderful encouragement, phone calls, cards and you know I always say and it is soooo true..."I get by with a little help from my friends" and I love and cherish each one of you! I love hearing all the love, prayers and encouragement from my facebook friends...some of which I haven't seen or heard from in 40 years since we were in is great reconnecting and getting back in touch with old friends! Thanks also to Judy and Pig for the gorgeous handmade afghans...this chemo sure has cooled this old body down and they sure are being enjoyed...Pig all the contributions that you do for the "Jennifer Project" are so awesome..just don't know how you do it! Stacie, you always amaze me with you ideas and creative projects for the "Jennifer Project" thankful for you! I am still in awe how you and Lisa made all the little "punch people" for the book thong that is talent! Would love to see the kids' faces when they see them! I love you all sooo much! I cherish the gift of your friendship!

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Angy said...

Prayers for you and your recovery. Thanks for your kind words on my blog. I appreciate the time you took to stop by and comment.