Monday, March 1, 2010


On Friday, I got the wonderful news that my cancer markers were down again...YAY! We had such gorgeous Spring weather in the forecast for the weekend! I was so looking forward to being outside and soaking up some Vitamin D rays! It really was a georgeous day! I woke up Saturday morning feeling pretty yucky! My stomach hurt most of the night, feeling nauseauted (which I ususally don't do), soooo tired, and experiencing that "out of body" thing..where you just don't feel like you are in your body...sounds crazy, I know! Ended spending most of the day in bed, or my my friend, Shirley, calls it...she was down this weekend too! I was still hoping that I would be able to go to church on Sunday and then do some YaYa-ing! Have I told you that my favorite day of the week is Sunday? I get to see my wonderful church family and worship with them, and then get to see my awesome sister and friends for crafting! When I have to miss church and YaYa makes for a very looooooong week! I spent most of Sunday in the cave also, but did get four challenge cards made. Kimberly challenged us by making cards by a virtual stamp day....what would we do without computers??? She always thinks of just the right challenges to get our mojo going....very inspiring! I will work on the other cards this week!

I am feeling much better today....a good night's sleep is a good thing! My theory is that since
my cancer markers are coming down....there are less cancer cells for the chemo to attack....thus more side effects! Makes sense to me.....and that is a good thing! I want to get this over and get back to work!

The weekend wasn't a total to spend time with my sweet hubby and precious canine daughters! Hubby worked out in the yard and grilled some favorite...was able to eat most of one! He does a great job on grilling burgers!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful week....looks like we will really feel Spring this coming weekend...temps in the mid 60's!!! friend, Patti, will be wearing her yellow box flip flops for sure!!!

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