Friday, March 19, 2010


I had my fifth round of chemo on Monday....this week has really been the hardest on me since I began. I have been sooo tired and have stayed in the bed most of the week. People that know me, know that this is not my norm at all...I am an early riser and not a napping person. I just felt yucky all week...weak, tired and that "out of body" thing...where you think that you really aren't in your body...I know, it sounds crazy, but I don't know how else to explain it! I woke up this morning feeling alot better...haven't napped all day, sat outside and enjoyed this gorgeous day reading for awhile. Now, I have just received the phone call that I have been waiting cancer markers are down again! God is awesome....I am so grateful and happy! Hopefully, this journey will come to an end and I will be back to normal and back to care, love and hope at a place I call my second home...Arkansas Children's Hospital....I truly miss that part of my life so very much! Thank you to all my wonderful friends for their encouragement and support and for all the prayer warriors I have on my are the greatest and I love all of you...thank you, Kimberly, for always cheering me on and being by my side! You are my rock...and my wonderful hubby for putting up with me and of course, my canine daughters...Jazzabelle and Emma Grace for being my shadow and being with me each and everyday! This news sure makes the perfect ending to a not so perfect week! Still "Fighting Like a Girl"!


Stacie Hoo said...

WOO HOO! I'm so glad to hear the good news, Deb! God is awesome and I'm glad He is taking such good care of my friend. I hope that you feel better and get your energy back soon. I really wanted to come see y'all on Sunday, but I've been coughing and congested. I figured the last thing you need is a cough! Love you,

Debbie Nelson said...

We missed you on Sunday, Stacie! Sorry you were feeling bad, but appreciated that you didn't want to give it to me...sure don't need anything else to fight...hopefully you are feeling better and enjoying this gorgeous weather!