Thursday, March 25, 2010


My nephew and his awesome family from Illinois are adopting a special little boy, named Gage. Gage is 8 months old now and Cory's family has been so blessed by well as Gage being blessed by such a wonderful family. Gage has Golden Har Syndrome which includes a large.. facial cleft abnormality and other problems. He will begin a long road of surgeries on April 15th in Chicago...the doctors say his surgeries probably won't be over until he is eighteen years old. I am so happy to have this time to meet Gage and spend time with him and his adorable sisters...he is lucky to have four older sisters who adore him....two of his sisters...Lexie and Amber spent a week with us last summer and stole our heart...what angels!

When Gage's grandparents, Bill and Judy, were visiting us a couple of months ago...Judy and I worked on a scrapbook for Gage. Working with his book, I feel like I got to know him...seeing him grow and progress on each new page....I am very excited to be able to meet him!

On Saturday, we have invited all the family over to meet Gage and visit with will be nice for everyone to get together and have some time together. Life gets busy and we just don't get to see everyone as much as we would like to. We will grill burgers and have a pot luck...hoping that the rain stays everyone can enjoy being, play or fish!

Gage has been on our prayer list at church. Cory said that they want to go to church with me on Sunday...that makes me very happy! Sunday is also Jennifer's birthday...she would have been 32 years old....just doesn't seem real that she isn't here. She would be happy that Bill, Judy, Cory, Theresa and kids will be here to help us remember her birthday....especially since they will be going to church with us! Wouldn't it be great if everyone would come to church with us? I will sure ask everyone on Saturday! We will take flowers to the cemetery after church and share memories of Jennifer!

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