Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Went to NLR yesterday to have lab done...had lunch with Charlotte and her grandsons. I then went to the farmer's market to get seed potatoes for the garden....all the beautiful flowers there really made me know that Spring was really here....gorgeous! Perfect the 70's...drove with the sun roof open, soaking in all that wonderful Vitamin D! That kind of day just makes you feel so happy!

Since I have been taking chemo, one of the things I haven't been able to do is go shopping....not that I am complaining...saving money LOL! Yesterday, my spirits were so good and I really felt I decided that I would stop at this little shopping center at the entrance of Hot Springs Village and get some of the grocery bargains. My Mom and I used to enjoy going there and shopping for the bargains....It is a nice store...not big like Kroger's. I went in and was to the back of the store...and then it hit me! My legs felt like jello and I got that weak feeling....this was so disheartening to me....I thought I was doing so well....guess it was just a reminder to me that the chemo is working and I still have to give it time! It was still a wonderful day....and I enjoyed being out in the gorgeous sunshine....seeing the beautiful art work that God has created this time of year for us to enjoy....all the beautiful trees, bushes, flowers starting to bloom and the birds singing! All the gloom of winter is now renewed by the glory of Spring! Hoping everyone is able to savor some of this beautiful time of year! It just makes you feel alive and happy!!!

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