Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Finished Round #5

I had great day with my wonderful sister and chemo buddy, Kimberly. Went to church on Sunday....great message from Pastor Fred from Kenya! Ya Ya Day at Kimberly's, Pajama Mama's at IHOP...great fun with great friends...they even brought us wigs to wear in honor of my bald head! I spent the night with Kimberly, woke up very early due to the steroids and did more crafting...then she made us a wonderful breakfast of eggs benedict with asparagus..Yum! We then left and delivered the "Jennifer Project" bags to ACH, went to chemo...Dr. Sneed seemed pleased with my progress...will get latest cancer markers later this week....no magic for helping with the extreme fatigue since I am unable to take the Ritalin this time because of my heart! Left chemo about 3:00, went to lunch and I had wonderful grilled salmon and baked sweet potato! Yummy! We then stopped by the Stitchin Post to pick up some fabric....Mandy has so generously agreed to make me some summer time turbans to wear!...then on to our chemo day mani and pedi....awww...how relaxing...still no discount for only having eight toenails LOL! Long day...got back home a little after 7:00...but was so worth it. Kimberly spoils me so on chemo day....but I love every minute of it! Don't know what I would do without her encouragement, love and support...she is the greatest! I am so fortunate to have such wonderful encouragement and inspiration from friends and family....I am truly blessed!

My friends' daughter, Haley, had her ten hour surgery yesterday for her cancer...eleven years old and so strong, positive and a true fighter....surgery went well and the doctors think they got all the cancer! We serve such an awesome God and He does hear and answer our prayers! Haley is so sweet...she sent me a message on fb Sunday night, the night before her big surgery...wishing me well on my chemo day....what a sweetheart! I have only corresponded with her on fb and by sending her cards....but hope to meet her one day and give her a big hug....she is amazing! Her Dad is my co-worker...so I know where she gets her strength!

Not able to sleep right now because of the steroids! Just got home from getting my Neulasta injection, I met a lady there that when she first started her chemo, she didn't sleep for three days straight! She said she only slept 1 1/2 hours last night due to the steroids! Today is the last day of steroids for this round...so I should be able to sleep tomorrow night...at any rate, loss of sleep is a small price to pay for killing cancer cells, wouldn't you say?

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's day....don't forget to wear your green...so you won't get pinched LOL! I made Shamrock Sugar Cookies for the church dinner tomorrow night...had to take them to the church on Sunday...saving me a trip driving to NLR after chemo! Kimberly made St. Patrick's Day cupcakes for the patients and staff at chemo yesterday....they were a big hit...you get sorta hungry while sitting in that chemo chair for over three hours! I guess you can say I have already celebrated St. Patrick's Day.....don't plan on leaving the house tomorrow!

Hope everyone has a good week...

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