Monday, March 29, 2010


We celebrated what would have been Jennifer's 32nd birthday yesterday! It was a hard day for me, but it was so heart warming hearing others share their happy memories of Jennifer...Kimberly sharing her memories of their special vacation together, Patti sharing memories of hospital visits, Julie telling of sharing Jennifer's story to others, Joanna remembering her love of cheese and ketchup and her friends sharing their special memories. It touched my heart that Jennifer touched so many lives and still does. Patti even said that we dedicate our next Pajama Mama outing at IHOP to Jennifer...that would make her laugh!

Bill, Judy, Kimberly, Karen, Princess Breanna and Cory and his family went to church....was surprised that Mica came too..was glad to see her. We then went to the cemetery to put flowers and sing Happy Birthday...someone had left pink roses at the cemetery. After having a wonderful lunch, Barb came by to visit for a minute. We then said goodbye to Bill, Judy, Cory and family....they had to make the long trip back to Illinois. We were very glad they came down and we were finally able to meet little Gage!

Arriving home and finding so many people that had shared their memories of Jennifer brought tears of joy. I am so truly blessed to have so many dear and special friends, as was Jennifer! Thank you everyone for taking the time to do that...I love you all!

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