Friday, May 7, 2010


Spring is one of my favorite times of the year...all the gorgeous colors of the flowers and trees in bloom, the return of my little hummingbirds, the cardinals, blue jays...all singing from early in the morning, the celebration of Easter! Seeing all the drab of winter turn into such a magical show of color and life assures us of hope of renewal in our lives!

Spring is also the birthday of my precious Dad and precious Jennifer! They both celebrated March birthdays! My Dad passed away April, 19, 2003 and Jennifer passed away April 21, 2006! The remembrance of all these Holidays and anniversaries sometimes gets to me, especially with Mother's Day this Sunday! I miss my precious Mother so very, very much...I talked to her every single day...I miss her humor, kindness, wit, advice and her love of life! I miss being a Mother to Jennifer.....that was my greatest joy in life!

My hope for everyone who is blessed enough to still have their Mother, is that you will tell them how much you love them and how much they mean to you! If you are blessed to have children, give them an extra hug and tell them how happy you are to be their Mother!

I try very hard not to dwell in my self pity! I do realize how fortunate I am that I had such a good realationship with my Mom and Jennifer! One thing I know for sure......My Mom and Jennifer both knew how very, very much I loved them and cherished them! That is something that I am very grateful for and also for the promise that I will see them again!

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Janna said...

I'm sorry for the bitter part of your bittersweet memories. Your strength amazes me. I hope you continue to find comfort in the knowledge that you will one day be reunited with your mom and dad and Jennifer. I will keep you in my prayers.