Thursday, May 27, 2010


Since I will now have my chemo every two weeks, instead of every three weeks....I will be seeing Dr. Sneed every four weeks. On the chemo days that I don't see him, I will be able to take my chemo at the Arkansas Oncology office here in Hot Springs. It will save a trip to Little Rock. I went to the Hot Springs office on Monday for my treatment, but due to a miscommunication , my drugs weren't ready! I went back on Tuesday, without a problem. My fighting gloves are back out and I am still "Fighting Like a Girl"! One of the things that the new drug combination can do is cause sever anemia...will be anxious to have the lab work done on Tuesday...can't take the Neulasta shot because of now taking the chemo every two weeks. God is in control and I have faith in Him to handle this.

Hubby got unsettling news about his surgery needed for his shoulder. He can't be off his Plavix until he has had his stent in for one year...which will be December 15th....a long time to wait while in such pain. The doctors are supposed to be consulting to see if maybe he would be able to have a steroid injection or something else to get him through these next six months...he can hardly roll over in bed at night.....please send some prayers for him!

Flowers and garden are doing well...getting afternoon thunderstorms every afternoon!

God is awesome....He is good all the time....He is the "Great Physician"....I am soooo blessed!!!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!

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Stacie Hoo said...

Sending prayers to you and Pete and wishing you both a wonderful Memorial Day weekend as well. Maybe I'll see you Sunday? Love ya!