Monday, March 18, 2013


My church, Fellowship North, has a ministry feeding the homeless under the bridge.  I have wanted to be a part of this ministry for a long time.  I have given socks and things to the ministry, but I wanted to physically be involved, serving the homeless in person.  Yesterday, I was finally able to do it.  It was freezing cold outside, but our hearts were warm.  There was a nice church service with a message and singing praises.  I feel so grateful for having a roof over my head and warmth.  My heart aches for these people, knowing that they have no place to go.  We were cold and were shivering, as we served them, but then we were able to leave in a warm car and go to a warm house.....these people do not have that option.  I will pray for them daily and am already looking forward to helping next month.  Thank you Mica and Karla for letting me know that you were doing this and encouraging me to sign up....can hardly wait until next month...God is good and He is good ALL the time!!!

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