Saturday, February 2, 2013


What a wonderful ending to a stressful week.  My friend from ACH, Shirley, sent me some pictures of Jennifer when she was about ten years old from CF camp.  I had made a scrapbook of CF camp days of Jennifer, but it was lost in the fire.  These pictures are ones that I had not seen before...there is even one of Jennifer on the top of Pinnacle Mountain.  Jennifer's friend, Christy, had sent me some camp pictures awhile back.  It is wonderful having these pictures.  Jennifer would have picked going to CF camp, over going anywhere else....she loved it. 

Hubby had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday.  He was prescribed some new medicines, and we were in hopes that this would help him.  Yesterday, he started having trouble again holding on to things.  I called the nurse and we cut back on one of the medicines to see if that will help.  He has had this problem before, and we don't really know the cause.  I just keep praying for a miracle, because I know that there are miracles....I just want my husband back, so he can enjoy the second chance at life that we have been given.  There are so many people that we love and know that are going through hard times right now....seems like the prayer list gets longer everyday.  I know the power of prayer and also know that God has the plan for each of us and that He is always in control.

I can hardly believe that it is already February....where does the time go?  I am looking forward to Spring and the return of the humminbirds....I will have their feeders ready for them.  We get so much enjoyment watching them.

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