Wednesday, August 12, 2009


A friend of mine that used to work with me at ACH now works at CARTI...when I have to go to the Breast Center which is in the same building, I always stop by and say hello and we get to chat a little. Yesterday when I stopped by, I told her about my leg and hip. She said I think if you have that surgery, you will have to wear one of those corsett things to keep you from bending or twisting (don't think my friend, Ben, mentioned this) LOL! I guess I had this on my mind when I went to bed last night and therefore had this crazy dream. Do you remember the movie "Nine to Five"? They hung their boss up on this trolley thingy....well, in my dream, I had to be hung on one of those trolley things....and Kimberly and Lisa convinced the trolley installers to put another one on to hold my arm up so that it would drain. Kimberly and Lisa are always telling me that I should hang my arm above my head from an IV pole or something when I sleep at night....needless to say, I did not care for the trolley contraptions and having to have my Bi-Pap suspended from the ceiling....was very glad to wake up and dicover that it was just a dream or should I say NIGHTMARE!