Wednesday, August 5, 2009


It is always good to get a second opinion before making decisions about your health. I went to see a doctor for a second opinion...a doctor that my friend, Ben, had been to for a similar problem to mine and had successful surgery to correct his problem a couple of weeks ago. I am happy to hear that Ben is recovering well and seems to be doing better each happy for him! This doctor confirmed that I do have severe spinal stenosis and spondglolisthesis (sp), but also seems to think that alot of my pain is from my hip. I have thought this all along...from the very beginning...Dr. Curtner did as well. Everyone else I went to, said the pain was from my back, not my hip. Now I am scheduled to have a bone PRAYING that I won't have to have a hip replacement...aren't those for old people? I am certainly ready to get this pain resolved and get on with my life! Seems I always have to go the long way around things...guess it just makes me stronger in the end!

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