Monday, August 10, 2009


I am still waiting to go for the bone scan and to find out how this pain is going to be resolved. I am trying to be patient! I am continuig to do the exercises that the physical therapist taught me. It just seems like I should have some answers by now. I really feel like I should be with Dr. Saer and I trust him to make the right treatment decision....but I am ready to be over this and back at work giving care, love and hope! I am very grateful that I am not causing the staff to be short at the hospital right now....glad that theyare still able to overstaff people.

My sweet sister, Kimberly, is trying to keep me, as well as Lisa and Pig busy with new crafting challenges...some quite interesting...she keeps the creative juices flowing! She and Lisa are great cheerleaders and I enjoy our crafting time so much!

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