Saturday, August 22, 2009


I have a good friend, Anita. She is one of those special friends that is always thinking of others first. I have treasured her friendship for many years. She was a great friend to Jennifer as well. She is on the IV team, and all her patients love and trust her. She always goes that extra mile for her patients. When Jennifer was a patient at ACH, she always kept up her supply of Velveeta in her room...and always made her laugh. Laughter is one of the best medications when you are in the hospital for two weeks! Anita was the perfect dose Jennifer always needed and appreciated. On the day we lost Jennifer, Anita was one of the first people to come to visit.
We have shared alot over the past ten years, even breast cancer! A few weeks ago, Anita was the life of the party at my ten year survivor party. She danced, sang and provided laughter for all. We celebrated her 60th birthday by having dinner in Hot Springs. Anita, Jo, Lisa E. and Sherry drove to Hot Springs to celebrate since I was down in my back. We had a great dinner and a great time. Anita's cancer came back in her bones after her diagnosis with breast cancer. She fought and won that battle as well. Yesterday she found out that it was back once her chest. I just don't know why bad things happen to good people. Like Sherry said, how can you not hate cancer? I do know that Anita is a strong person and a fighter...she will get through this. She has raised two wonderful children that adore her, as well as everyone that knows her. Love and faith are very strong weapons against this horrible disease. I love you, Anita! I am here for you!

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