Friday, June 18, 2010


Since having chemo on Monday and being put on steroids, I have been really having a hard time with insomnia...have tried counting sheep, counting backwards, using the letters of the alphabet to name an attritube of God (suggested by a friend)...even trying to count the snores from the dogs and hubby LOL! Seems like every other night, Ambien ties and I get about four or five hours of sleep....nights like tonight, I just have to get up! This steroid energy isn't all bad...I can get a few cards made or addressed! If I didn't have the problem with my feet hurting and swelling, I could probably be really productive! I don't mind that the steroids are winning...swelling is getting better....the nausea, achiness, "out of body" feeling, and fatigue just reassure me that the chemo is killing those cancer cells! I need proof that it is doing its job...if I felt all hunky dory, I would be worried that it wasn't working! It may sound silly, but that is how I feel! I know that God is in control of all this and it will turn out the way He wants it too! He has the plan and I have complete faith and trust in Him! He is on my side as well as my family and many prayer warrior friends!

My friend, Anita, is fighting this battle with me...we are now almost on the same chemo, every two weeks on Monday, she, every two weeks on Tuesday! Like she said today, she is okay...just tired and aching....needing to rest! She inspires me with her courage, strength, determination and especially her humor...can't be around her without laughing! She is one tough lady....we are in this together and I am thankful that we have each other to talk to and encourage!

I read an article in a magazine yesterday about all the advances they have made in cancer treatment....I can see changes since I went through this the first time ten years ago! The article was saying that more and more cancers of all types are having better outcomes and allowing patients to return to living a normal life....I believe that is in the near future for Anita and me!

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