Wednesday, June 16, 2010


After such a wonderful week with a house full of five precious little princesses, the house is too quiet...almost feels giggling, stamping, craft making and begging to go to the go carts etc! It was a wonderful time for us being with such adorable little girls. It brought back so many wonderful memories of times with Jennifer at that age....all the slumber parties...I could almost see Jennifer, Kristi and Ashley here when I saw these girls...filled with all the laughter, jokes, music and dancing...such energy and gave us so much joy! I always had a house full of kids...loved every minute of it! I am so grateful that I have these precious memories to cherish! I get sad at times that I don't have grandchildren, but somehow God knew this void in my life, and we feel very blessed to have such adorable great nieces and nephews in our lives. They sure have been good for us....wish that we lived closer to them, but am glad that Princess Breanna and her brothers live close. It is funny how over the past four years since losing Jennifer, these special children have come into our I always say, God is always in control and He has the plan and He knows and answers our needs....He is good all the time and give thanks to Him for bringing us such joy with these children! The girls were planning their next trip to "Camp Debbie" on their Spring Break, even before they left....."Camp Debbie" will always be open for all of them.....hoping we will see them again before Spring Break...we all had such a great was certainly a good diversion from this cancer!

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Stacie Hoo said...

I'm glad they had as much fun as you and Pete while they were at Camp Debbie. Glad round #9 is down and that your sweet sister is taking good care of you! Sending you love and hugs til I see you. : )