Friday, June 11, 2010


We celebrated our 40th Anniversary by going to Bloomington, Illinois to celebrate with my brother-in-law, sister-in-law, nephews and their wives, and our great nieces and nephews! They gave us a wonderful party....we had such a good time and then celebrated our great niece's graduation. It was wonderful being able to see everyone and visit. They are so blessed to have such a wonderful and big family!

We brought four of our great nieces home with us. They are so sweet and adorable. They call my house "Camp Debbie"! Two of them were able to come last summer for a week. It certainly brings back happy memories of when Jennifer used to have sleep overs and a house full of girls. Breanna came over Tuesday and is enjoying getting to know her Illinois cousins! They sure have kept us entertained. We will certainly miss them. Bill and Judy, their grandparents ,will come and take them home on Monday...the day of my next chemo!,

We will enjoy the rest of our time with them and look forward to when we can see them again! They sure have been good medicine for us both.

Kenzie's birthday is Monday. She will be eight. They will go to church with us on Sunday and then we will have a ya ya birthday for Kenzie!

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