Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I sometimes think that insomnia can be a good it allows you to have quiet time with no interruptions to focus on your thoughts...time for prayer, praise, making mental lists of things to do, giving thanks, recalling fond memories of loved ones that have passed and thinking of your dreams and goals.....I can usually throw in a little card making or addressing in there somewhere! I think insomnia from steroids has a special meaning because you are not consumed by fatigue, you have all this energy (wish mine had the physical ability to use...but it is getting better...swelling is better everyday) , in which you can put to good being either mentally or physically productive!

May seem like a crazy concept...but I have learned to be grateful for what I have, even if it is called insomnia! Yesterday after having not much sleep, I had a wonderful day...going to NLR for lab appointment, then lunch with two very special people who both have been friends for over 30 years...they are just now getting to know each other and we were all able to have a very good visit recalling our losses of Jennifer, Mica's husband and Charlotte's brother! Some may not think that this was a very uplifting lunch, but it actually was....making us realize that our loved ones are no longer struggling and are healthy and that we do have the promise of seeing them again. Mica and I had lost touch for a few years, were reconnected due to fb (love it) is just like we have not gone a week, much less, years without talking to each that is a special friendship. When we got back in contact with each other, I invited her to come to church with me at Fellowship North.....she has found her new "home".....just as I did when Joanna invited me and Jennifer over ten years ago! Each time I am with Mica, she tells me that she has never been happier with a church, ever! Praise God!

I don't wish insomnia on anyone..just saying that sometimes, it doesn't have to be all bad....sometimes giving us time to focus without interruptions and distractions!

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