Monday, June 14, 2010


The house is still and quiet....the washer and dishwasher are resting...the craft table looks lonely! It is amazing how much life and laughter (only a few fights or misunderstandings) five precious little girls can bring to a home called "Camp Debbie"! What a joyful, fun filled week...singing, laughing, giggling, riding the go carts, riding the bumper cars, riding the go carts, swimming in the lake, picnics, riding the go carts...can you guess they loved riding the go carts? We are so blessed to get to know these wonderful great nieces and so honored that they love us in return. Wish we lived closer to them and could see them more...they are already planning their return trip on Spring Break....hope we don't have to wait that long to see them again! We have really only gotten to know them the past four years through funerals of the family..,,but they have truly won our hearts...we miss them terribly already! I have been re-living so many of the wonderful memories of Jennifer at that age and always having a house full of little girls...good medicine for us old folks....cherished memories! Children can divert you so easily from your aches, pain, worries...just wish that I had some of that energy!

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