Sunday, June 20, 2010


I miss my Daddy everyday....but the holidays always seem to magnify those feelings. If he were still here, we would be coming over here to see him, not living here! This house and land is so filled with wonderful memories and dreams of him! I can still see him sitting down by the pond or "well shed" talking with my hubby...Mom and I would be looking out the window at them and saying "Don't you wish we were a fly on the wall to hear what they were talking about"? Always planning the garden or other many dreams. When I got married, not only did my husband inherit a great father-in-law, but I truly believe he received the gift of him becoming his "best friend"...sharing fishing and camping trips, buliding projects and gardens! My Dad taught him many lessons....My family always treated him like their own son....I will always be grateful for that and so happy that they were so close....Hubby still tells me all the time that he can "feel" my Dad with him! If he were here today, we would bring him gifts and chocolate (I will have a Snicker bar in his honor today)...cionvince him to go out to eat or cook his favorite meal...perhaps pork chicken, for sure! He was so very kind, funny, showed his wife that he loved her, and would do anything for his children and grandchildren...His great grand daughter, Abbi, brought him so much joy! He was always the encourager, wanting us fulfill our dreams and proud when we did...He was so very proud of Kimberly's academic achievements and her career..he was proud of me becoming a Respiratory Therapist (even though he always called me a nurse LOL!) He was there encouraging us while we dealt with the trials of Jennifer's illness and she knew how much her PaPa loved her. Ten years ago, when I was fighting my first battle with cancer, he was always there for me....helping me in anyway he could...I was able to spend quite a bit of time over here during that time! He was the best nurse he knew how to be, when Mom was ill....I think that he did a great job! She had always taken care of him, but he really stepped up to the plate when he had to!

As a child, he took us fishing and camping alot.....Model A car riding etc. His work schedule, having his own business open seven days a week, didn't allow him to go on very many family vacations that were far away, but he made sure that Mom ,my sisters and I, were able to do those things. I will always miss him and love him and will welcome the day I am able to see him again.

My father-in-law passed away this past year....he was a big tall man, but so gentle, kind and funny...he fathered nine children and will always be missed! His sense of humor and gentle spirit will always be remembered. We have been married forty years now, and I don't ever recall hearing him say a bad word about anyone....ever! Now that is something!

Thirty-two years ago, the man I married, finally became a father...something we both had wanted since the day we were married, eight years before! That was the happiest day of our lives..March 28, 1978! He was a good Dad, and am very grateful that Jennifer knew how much she was loved. We were able to be blessed with her for the best 28 years of our marriage. She went through so much in those years, being diagnosed with CF, having open heart surgery, learning to make CF a part of everyday life, many, many hospitalizaions, surgeries, diabetes...alot of CF families fall apart during this time, but by the love and grace of God, I think that it strengthened our relationship and made it stronger....I know one thing is that she taught us alot about strength, compassion, will, determination and not judging people! She truly made us proud to be her Mom and Dad! Losing Jennifer is still the hardest thing that we have ever done or will ever have to do, but somehow we get through it day by day. It still doesn't seem real at times and our lives have been changed forever. One thing I do know is that she knew how very much we loved her and we know how much she loved us......In those short 28 years that she was with us, I know there was never a day that I didn't tell her at least once, that I loved her! I thank God everyday for choosing us to be her parents!

Happy Father's Day to all....if you are fortunate enough to still have your Dad, tell him how much you love just never know when that opportunity will be taken away!


Crystal Spellmann said...

What a beautiful tribute to the two most important men in your life and to you Heavenly Father!

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