Sunday, April 4, 2010

EASTER 2010!!!

Christ the Lord is Risen! Aleuliah!!!! What an awesome church service it was! I am so very blessed to have Fellowship North as my church home....they are truly like my family....I leave there feeling so loved, blessed and happy! Probably the best thing about having cancer right now is that I am able to go to church every Sunday!

I have a new favorite song...."My Redeemer Lives"! Dena sang it this morning and it brought tears to my eyes...she always does that! I hope that when I get to Heaven I will be able to sing! It is the most beautiful song....I googled Lyrics for "My Redeemer Lives" and was able to see it on youtube. I am not very good at the computer and don't know how to put it on here or I would.

We left church and went to the cemetery. Jennifer's flowers had blown off that we put out last Sunday for her birthday....hopefully they are fixed now and will stay!

My dear sister, Kimberly, had gone to great lengths to prepare our traditional Eagle-Nelson favorite Easter meal complete with all of Jennifer's favorite dishes! She started getting sick this morning while we were at church...running fever and congested! Since I have another round of chemo tomorrow, I couldn't chance being around her and visiting. She sent the ham and all the terimmings home with us. We are both saddened that we didn't get to spend Easter together, but we are always together each day in spirit. I have had to cancel many ya ya days because I wasn't feeling well. We don't like this to happen, but sometimes things aren't in our control! We both know how much we love each other and that is what is important! She is my rock!

Mica was at church this morning..looking more beautiful each time I see her....another friend reunited after 20 years thanks to facebook!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter....and took a few moments to give thanks for the sacrifice that was given to us....HE LIVES!!! Thank you Jesus for this wonderful gift!

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