Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I have another flare up with my lymphedema. I have been on antibiotics for it since having my chemo last week. My arm is still huge and red, so I called the doctor yesterday. The nurse said that Dr. Sneed was in Russellville yesterday, but she talked to him and he wanted me to come into the office for lab and to see the doctor that is in practice with him. I went in for the appointment and my bone scan report had come bone scan is CLEAR! What wonderful news! God is so good and so awesome and hears and answers prayers! I am so very thankful for all my family and friends that have been such faithful prayer warriors for me. It means so much! I can't help but think of the young lady that I encountered after having the bone scan done last Thursday...turning around and telling me that God had told her to tell me that He was taking care of me!!!! How awesome is hear a message from God from a complete stranger! There truly are angels among us....I happen to think this angel's name is Jennifer! I am so relieved to get these results....makes waiting for the CT and those results alot easier!

We met Kimberly after the doctor's visit and had a wonderful celebration dinner at Red Lobster! My sister is my rock and my pillow...she means the world to me! She is there for me every second of everyday....hope someday I will be able to show her how very much she means to me!

Thank you God and to all my friends.....


casserole said...

Debbie, This is the most wonderful news! You are awesome! Kimberly is awesome! God is awesome!

Denise Felton said...

Yes oh yes oh yes oh yes! Chickadee, this news made me get up and dance around my cube!!! Ditto ditto ditto to what Annie said. God rocks.