Thursday, July 15, 2010


Here I am again...asking for more prayers. My sister-in-law, Sue, has found that a mass she had in her nose is cancer! She is still undergoing testing to see if the cancer has spread, but no results as of yet. She was released from UAMS yeesterday, and will return on Monday for port placement to start chemo. She has other health issues as well. I know that this will be a long and difficult road for her....chemo and cancer treatment is not fun! I am just praying that God will give her the strength and mostly important the will and a positive attitude as she begins this journey. It is something that cannot be done for her, she will have to do it for herself. She has three grown sons and five precious grandchildren to live for! I think that since her husband passed away a couple of weeks before Jennifer did four years ago, she has lost alot of her will to live and go on with her life. I hope that she can realize how very blessed she is to have her sons and grandchildren and to know what a joy that they could be to each other. I have no grandchildren and lost my only child, but I know that Jennifer would not want me to be unhappy for the rest of my life. I try each day to do some small thing that I think she would love or like to see me do. The "Jennifer Project" is so dear to my heart...providing things for the CF hospital patients to do while they spend so much of their lives in the help pass their time...thanks to Kimberly and all my wonderful friends for not only help get this started, but to keep it going.....keeping Jennifer's memory alive! Sue is a very sweet and funny person...there is so much that she can give to these children, but the benefit she would get from them is unmeasurable! Children can give you so much joy just by their innocence and outlook on life...seeing life through a child's eye is amazing! Having our great-nieces and nephews in our lives these past four years has been better than any therapy, medicine or chemo! They bring so much joy to us! We look forward to each visit, and can hardly wait until the next "Camp Debbie"!

I will be there to love and give support to Sue in anyway I can....I just pray that she will be able to put on her fighting gloves with me and "Fight Like a Girl"!

I am still surrounding my dear friend, Anita, with love, hugs and prayer! I pray that God will give her peace and comfort during this time. I pray for strength for her precious children and family.

I pray for my friend, Marilyn, as she begins her battle against breast cancer!

I pray for baby Gage as he starts another phase of his surgeries!

I pray for Judy, as she undergoes her surgery and treatment at the Mayo Clinic!

And, Dear God, I know that You are in control...I have my faith and trust in You...You are good and You are good all the time...and I know that some of these requests will soon turn into Praises! AMEN!!!

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