Thursday, July 1, 2010


My friend, Anita, is one of the sweetest ladies you will ever meet....and OMG, is she funny? You can't be around her and not laugh and feel good! She was at Lisa's surprise party last was so good seeing her! We are battling this cancer thing together and chat almost daily on facebook....she is very inspiring and encouraging to me...has great trust and faith in our Lord and we always tell each other that we know that God is in control and we will keep our gloves on and "Keep Fighting Like a Girl" together! We were talking on Sunday about how we are almost on the same two week chemo schedule now...mine on Monday and hers on Tuesday...during our insomnia after chemo, we sometimes chat during the night or early morning. Anita had to receive fluids on Tuesday and did not get to have her chemo...her MRI revealed more cancer and she was admitted to the hospital today because of severe nausea and pain. I am praying that they will get this under control and she will start to feel better soon. She is a very strong and determined lady...she has many people praying for her and loving her....I just feel so helpless right now...not knowing what to do for her..except pray for her and let her know how much she is loved!

Anita was always one of Jennifer's favorite nurses...always making her laugh and always making sure that when Jennifer was in the hospital, she always had her supply of Velveeta cheese! I will always be so grateful for the friendship they had!

When you say your prayers tonight, send up an extra one for my friend, Anita!


Denise Felton said...

Oh, my goodness. Anita looked so great on Sunday and was keeping us all in stitches. You know I'll join my prayers with yours for her healing and comfort.

Debbie Nelson said...

Thank you so much, Denise! Anita did look good on Sunday..she is one special lady and always makes me and everyone around her laugh! With this cancer thing, you just never know what is around the corner! Anita is a fighter and she has tremendous faith and a great attitude..Just praying the radiation will do its job...thank you for the prayers...prayer is sooo powerful!