Sunday, July 11, 2010


We sure have gotten attached to our little hummingbirds...they are so much fun to watch and we have at least five different ones...Kimberly thinks that is funny that we get so excited about them LOL! It doesn't take much to entertain us these days! Early this morning while sitting on the swing having our coffee, about five of them were putting on quite an air show for us...we could have reached out and touched them...they were dancing all around us! We have never seen them do this before..I think that they knew it was Sunday morning and they were dancing for Jesus!

I will have to miss church again today because of my leaking leg..probably shouldn't be out and about with this leaking problem. Our little birds probably knew this...that is why they gave us the extra little show this morning..telling me that I can still praise God from home....and I sure do! I will sing His praises for all that He has given us and continues to give us each day in all the miracles of nature that He provides for our "eye candy" and enjoyment! He is good and He is good all the time! I am also grateful that He has given us the technology that allows me to hear our services online! That helps my week start off a little better..not the same as being there...but I don't miss the message from our awesome pastors! Hoping everyone has a wonderful day and will take a moment or two to enjoy the miracles of nature!

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