Saturday, July 10, 2010


I always feel that my body has a very strange way of handling infections...such as my "Popeye Arm" and now my little geyser! My leg is getting better, no fever, less redness and swelling...but I have a leak! It is clear liquid, but it is leaking. The first time that I noticed it, I had gotten up from the computer and it looked like I had spilled something in the floor...I then discovered it was my leg leaking! Even keeping a bandage on it, it still leaks. This all came from my cut shaving my legs! I am glad that I am getting rid of this fluid..but what a strange way to do it! None of my medical issues have really been the norm...many relatives have had breast cancer, but none of them Inflammatory Breast Cancer, like me! Maybe the word inflammatory in my kind of cancer, explains why I have had swelling issues alot! I don't know...this was supposed to have been my "good week" before chemo again on Monday! Just something to make sure that my pink gloves don't get dusty while I "Keep Fighting Like a Girl!

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Denise Felton said...

Oh, I'm totally calling you Geyser Leg from now on!