Friday, July 16, 2010


We adore our great-nieces and great nephews! Since we lost our precious Jennifer four years ago, they have brought us so much joy and have helped shrink the huge whole left in our hearts! Last year and again this summer, we had the pleasure of their presence at "Camp Debbie"! They live in Illinois and got to come and stay for a visit....we have so much fun...they can fish, catch butterflies, go to the lake and their favorite thing...ride the go carts and bumper cars! They also share my passion for paper crafting and are very creative at their card that I can share this special time with them...what good memories. Breanna is only five now and she has enjoyed card making with me for over a year now. It amazes me how children this young can get so involved and be so can see their immagination and creativity just blossom! This makes me so happy...with all the technology of emails and texting (believe me, I will NEVER be able to text like them), I want them to still know about snail mail and how happy people are to still go to their mailbox and find a sweet card or letter! Jennifer always loved to go to the mailbox and find a card or letter to her!

My mail today brought tears to my eyes!!! Kenzie and Kylee had sent me adorable cards they had made for me. Inside each of their cards was money! Kylee said "We wanted to sell Kool-Aid on a very hot day. So we did and we made as sign that said Cure 4 Cancer..and me and Kenz decided it's your money now."! How sweet is that? Sure wish they lived closer so we could be with them more! Thank you, Kenzie and Kylee for making my sweet angels! I love you!


Denise Felton said...

OMG! You are so lucky to have these adorable wee ones in your life!

Debbie Nelson said...

Yes, I am..just wish that we lived closer! They are a blessing!